<![CDATA[EDIE KING FASANO - Words]]>Fri, 05 Feb 2016 20:43:13 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Who am I?]]>Wed, 20 Jan 2016 21:30:02 GMThttp://www.ediekfasano.com/words/who-am-i"What do you do?",  is a question that is often asked when you meet someone new.  We want to be able to put people in categories, to sort and compare.  I laugh when I think about all the labels that could apply to me:  Architect, Writer, Widow, Daughter, Mother, Great aunt, Windsurfing Instructor, Reiki Master, Crazy Cat Lady....

Those labels are an indication of where I have been, but they only scratch the surface of who I am and where I am headed.  Many of them are just words that have little to do with what I desire.  Getting to the heart of our desires, for me is the most important aspect of each of us.  After the death of my beloved husband, John Fasano, I was miserable.  There was so much sorrow, a tremendous sense of loss. We had so many plans, and we were having such a wonderful time on the way to everything we desired. After months of mediation and soul searching I was finally able to surface from the depths of my grief. I realized I had a choice. Sorrow and misery were not what I wanted to feel. Happiness is what I desire - to live joyously!  Now I live and work from a place of inspiration, feeling the way I did when when he was alive. Inspired by my experiences as I explore this wonderful world.  I am living happily ever after, enjoying the things I create and I'm having fun along the way!

When someone recently asked me, "What do you do?"  I replied, "Whatever I'm inspired to!"  There was a pause - then the conversation went down a completely different road, and what an interesting conversation that was!